Somos experiences ranks among the world's top 100 agencies according to the eventex index

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SOMOS Experiences is one of the "100 Best Event Organisers and Agencies", according to the Eventex Index 2023. This ranking represents excellence in the events and experience marketing industry and highlights the commitment of the organisations included. 
Since 2009, the Global Eventex Awards have become an international benchmark in the events and experiential marketing industry. Every year, thousands of agencies from all countries compete for the coveted award, and only the most outstanding projects and companies achieve recognition. The latest edition of the awards saw an impressive record of 761 entries from 49 different countries, underlining the growing competitiveness and global relevance of the events and experiential industry.

A short-lived agency already in the world's top 100

Despite its short trajectory since the merger that gave birth to the company, SOMOS is already within the select group of the top 100 event agencies and organisers in the world, which translates into great recognition for the team. 
This achievement is a result of the dedication and effort of the entire SOMOS team as well as the trust placed in us by our clients. We will continue working to improve day by day and create unique experiences.

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