Savoir Faire 2022


Eleven days of exhibition and private sale of a selection of unique pieces in the Canalejas Galleries. Design, luxury, and art in the heart of Madrid.

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The challenge was to host the event in a building of high historical and artistic value, such as the historic building of the Canalejas Galleries, and to turn it into the perfect space for Louis Vuitton to host within its walls a selection of unique, exclusive, innovative and design pieces.


For eleven days the place was open to 400 select customers, who came to be inspired and acquire items such as the first pool table created by Louis Vuitton, the Anemona table designed by Atelier Biagetti, or the Cocoon armchair, the work of the Campana brothers. At all times, of course, the essence of the monumental building and the personality of the firm had to shine through so that it was a well-rounded experience for visitors.

However, not only the VIPs who attended the event were positively impacted. The work done on the building's facade went viral among passersby and was mentioned more than 3,000 times on social networks. The press and the country's lifestyle environment also echoed this praise.

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