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María Obregón joined the company more than 6 years ago, but it was not until January 2022 when she joined the SOMOS Luxury and Trends team, where she currently holds the position of Account Director. This promotion was thanks to one of the projects she is most proud of to date: "Beautès du Monde", by Cartier. A lover of architecture and psychology, she confesses that her current profession allows her to enjoy all her passions together. As well as having brought her great colleagues and friendships.

How would you define yourself in three words? 

‘As I'm terrible at this question and I never know what to answer, I've asked my colleagues, and the result is: funny, persevering and detail-oriented.’

What is your day-to-day life like at work? 

‘Always fun! The SOMOS Luxury and Trends team is the best, and Ramiro and Alfonso are the icing on the cake, so I would say that, above all, it's a lot of fun.’

Which project are you most proud of so far? 

`Without doubt, "Beautès du Monde" by Cartier. A project we carried out in 2022 for the international Fine Jewellery division. We refurbished the UK Embassy! For sure it was THE EVENT of our professional life.’ 

What event/project would you love to organise/work on?

‘I would love to organise the Goya Awards. One of the plans we make once a year with my friends is to meet up at a house and watch them together. We've been doing it since we started university and I'd love to be behind the organisation.’

What would you have done if you hadn't chosen this profession? 

‘When I was little, because of Manolito Gafotas' books, I wanted to be a lorry driver like her father and be on the road all day. My sister, to avoid this tried to teach me to sing, which didn't work. When I was older, I wanted to be a firewoman. When I came down to earth, I've always been passionate about architecture and psychology. So you could say that in the end, life has led me to combine a little bit of all my "frustrated" professions in this job and I enjoy it very much.’

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