A spectacle filled with excitement to kick off another year of passion for Spanish football.


Every LaLiga season’s start date is always clearly marked on any football fan's calendar. This time David Broncano and Susana Guasch were in charge, leading the gala from the stage at the Reina Sofía Museum. They presented famous sports figures who joined us virtually, such as the footballer from Football Club Barcelona, Gerard Piqué.

Many people watched the gala on Movistar Plus+'s VAMOS channel, and the gala had a big impact on the public and the media as the event revealed novelties for the upcoming 2021/22 season. Together with a few presenters and luxury guests, the show was ready to go on.

Ukrainian dance group, Light Balance, dazzled with their LED costumes and light show set against a completely dark set. In addition, the historic clubs, Club Atlético de Madrid and Real Club Deportiu Espanyol were honoured. Present in the live stream were Atletico's president and team captain. And to top things off there was the surprise launch of the unboxing campaign set to the musical rhythm of Colombian artist Camilo!


But things didn't stop there! Those who attended the gala in person were able to enjoy dinner in the iconic Reina Sofía Museum itself.

The technical aspects of the LaLiga Champions Gala: Season 2021/22 were up to par including a 12-meter-high set, a 7x10 meter LED screen, more than 150 photos bringing the stage to life, and a team of television cameras to ensure first-class production and technical control… All of this was to provide fans with the best, so they were sure to enjoy everything that was to come. As our client claims: this isn't football, this is LaLiga!

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