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Things have gone back to normal, and most health restrictions have been removed. Thus, incentive trips are back on and ready to take off. These trips will continue to revolve around experiences. Filming locations have always had a big influence on people's destination choices, and now popular shows on streaming platforms will also play a big role. 

Although these will have some influence when it comes to choosing destinations for incentive travel, other factors will take precedence such as safety and political stability.

2023 Incentive Destinations

Africa - Marrakech: Marrakech is the perfect combination of history, culture, tradition, and adventure. This city is so unique and indescribable that the only way to really know it is to visit yourself. Being that it is close to Spain and affordable, it is expected to be a highly requested destination by companies.

Middle East - Egypt: One of the hottest destinations for 2023 is Egypt. The land of the Pharaohs is historically rich and holds an air of mystery. This, in addition to its kind people and current good political situation, attracts many visitors.

Asia - Indonesia: Although Indonesia is often thought of as a destination for couples and honeymoons, it also provides travellers with nature, diversity, and endless possibilities.

Asia- Japan: In 2023, Japan will also be a top choice for companies. The removal of travel restrictions encourages employees to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and discover why it is the land of contrasts.

Latin America-Colombia: the coffee country is back on tourist lists this year. The infrastructure needed to support travellers has been developed over recent years. 

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