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SOMOS Experiences adds a new Director of Human Resources, Javier Pacha, to their management team. With the addition of Javier, the group reaffirms its commitment to keeping people at the core of the company and ensuring their wellbeing.

SOMOS Experiences has grown rapidly over the last two years and because of this has incorporated Javier Pacha as the new Director of Human Resources. Javier will be critical in strengthening the company for the 2023 fiscal year and helping improve the employee experience. 

He has more than 15 years’ experience in managing human capital and has been recognized nationally many times. Recognitions include the Great Place to Work Certification, EFR, for implementing conciliation management policies within the company, Health & Wellness Corporate, and ARHOE, for best practices in employee wellbeing as Director of Human Resources, among others.

“I am thrilled and proud to use my experience and passion for people to further this great project. We have a big challenge ahead of us and together, I am convinced we will achieve our ambitious goals,” says Pacha.

Work is one of Javier's passions. He enjoys motivating and training teams, and helping them form the human part of different projects.

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