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On February 7, SOMOS Experiences Madrid opened its office doors to the media. This was the first meeting of the year where they shared the company's future and reviewed both the sector's evolution and current situation. 

At this meeting, we held the year's first SOMOS Talks. Our new format was designed to create a forum where participants could converse and debate informally, and share ideas, reflections, projects, and ways to improve and promote professionalisation within the sector.

SOMOS Director of Corporate Development, Luis Gandiaga, welcomed guests and presented the new format. Next, SOMOS Experiences CEO César González Perdiguero presented the company's evolution and growth in recent years. 

Looking Back

César retraced the group's steps and explained how the group has taken shape over the years, mentioning different agencies that have been incorporated and now form the present SOMOS Experiences group in Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao. More than thirty years experience behind the young brand.

The company has recently undergone a transformation and now offers 360 marketing in-house. Due to this, the company has had to evolve accordingly and establish a clear mission and vision. “Inspire to transform” is the motto that drives us to be at the forefront of the market and trends, and provide our customers with the best service. 

Our motto reflects our company's talent, commitment, creativity, and passion without forgetting the company's core, our people, and the importance of their wellbeing. In order to be successful we must support environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

“Each and every person who makes up SOMOS is putting in work." Our people must be happy so they can excel in their work and help our project grow sustainably over time, ”César explained to the media”.

United for a better future

Our company has undergone a transformation. We have incorporated departments that look after our wellbeing, like Occupational Risk Prevention, Sustainability, and the People Department with staff specialised in HR and social benefits. 

Luis Gandiaga ended things by letting the media contribute their perspective on the sector. He encouraged them to share their ideas for improvement; ways that the media and agencies could work together to help professionalise the industry so that it meets the same standards as others like advertising, marketing, and communication.

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