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The Christmas spirit has taken over, filling the SOMOS Experiences' offices with joy and enthusiasm. In celebration, on December 23rd, the group held the first SOMOS Christmas Lottery in the Metaverse.

The day after the National Lottery, SOMOS Experiences wanted to give luck another go and organised their first own Christmas Lottery in a never-before-seen setting, the Metaverse. This immersive experience was intended to share time together and to thank the team, the collaborators, and the customers for all their effort this past year. 

A Lottery Full of Surprises

Nothing was missing at the awards ceremony streaming broadcast. The SOMOS Elves handed out prizes. These included gastronomic, cultural, entertainment, and tourism experiences, dinners in Michelin Star restaurants, nature getaways, and the jackpot was a trip for two around Europe. The motto for the evening was "Lucky enough to dream together."  The “Troll Awards” provided the evening's comic relief, as did the team sharing their lottery experience: doing rituals to attract luck, fighting over tenth place prizes, and yearning after a top prize.

Two magical avatars also attended the event in the metaverse. They brought luck to anyone who interacted with them and guided attendees around the SOMOS virtual offices to discover surprises. These surprises served as the keys to reaching the building's roof where they watched the first ever video recap of the company's Christmas party.

The event coincided with the SOMOS office's renovation, and so since the virtual office was crowded with avatars who interacted and celebrated each award, attendees are sure to remember the new offices.

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